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We are Free VPN Service,with best quality server and fast connection.
What are the uses of Open VPN?
The benefits that we can get if our connection uses OpenVPN are:
1. We can be anonymous surfing. That is, you can surf the internet without being traced to the original IP that you have, it is because our IP will be detected by another IP (anonymous), which is in accordance with the IP of the VPN server we are using. In conclusion we are safe online from hackers.
2. In terms of the security of information that you receive or send via the internet, it has security with 128 bit / 1024 bit VPN standard encryption.
3. Then we can also access all blocked sites.
4. Can also maintain the security of our username and password when logging into financial websites from sniffers.

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By using SSH you can move freely through the hosting account file format. You can also carry out tasks such as monitoring log files and starting or stopping services (applicable in VPS / Dedicated services). You can even use it to install software into your hosting account or manage a MySQL database.
SSH allows you to do many things more than web standards. We make sure that the server from our service is very good, stable and free. Your activities on the internet will be free without blocking and really help you surf or browse looking for information.

SSH is a network protocol that gives users or administrators to be able to access computers over an insecure network to be safe. In addition to SSH providing secure network services, the SSH utility implements the protocol. SSH provides strong password and public key authentication. It also has encrypted data communication between two computers connected through the internet network. In addition to providing fairly strong encryption, SSH is also widely used to manage a system and application remotely. So that it can be used to enter or log into another computer to run commands and move files from one computer to another. SSH supports the application protocol used for terminal emulation or file transfer.

One type of open source software that helps run the Linux operating system. Dropbear is relatively lightweight for clients and runs on various platforms, one of which is Posix. Between DropBear and OpenSSH has the same function, namely for network protocols that allow the exchange of data through secure channels between two devices. However, Dropbear is superior and safer than openssh because on Dropbear users can be compatible with Openssh. Some of the advantages of Dropbear are the many successful injects and lower VPS memory consumption making it suitable for low-specification VPS.

Stunnel is an open source software that is designed to add SSL encryption to programs that have a secure connection protocol. In the SSL tunnel service, the data sent has been encrypted so that it will be more secure. Stunnel has free internet access, because in this software users often pass bypasses on firewall access. This will cause the internet account quota to run out faster, even so users will still be able to access the internet. Users need to know that Stunnel can be used to provide secure encrypted connections that can be used on client servers.

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